Patient Portal App

You are out of town with your child and have to make a trip to an Urgent Care Center. You can’t remember what medication your child is allergic to….

what do you do?!?

If you have the Healow app on your smart phone this information (and so much more) is accessible from your phone. Healow is an app that is linked with our electronic medical records. You can link all of your children to the same app, making it one stop to access all of their information. Some benefits of using the app include:

  • seeing when your child’s next appointment is scheduled
  • sending and receiving messages regarding questions you may have about your child
  • viewing lab results

It also keeps track of important medical information on your child including:

  • vital signs
  • allergies
  • medications

The app is PIN protected for your security. Having this information at your fingertips is so convenient!

Scan the QR below. Search for our practice by name or enter the code: GDDJBA.

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