• It is our PRIVILEGE to care for your child.

    Our patients are the most important
    people in this practice - we see sick
    patients the same day they call,
    even on Saturday.

  • The Benton Pediatrics Mission Statement is:

    “To serve our patients in a way
       that is pleasing to the Lord.”

  • Benton Pediatrics History

    The practice has been serving Gainesville and surrounding areas since 1950, and Dr. Benton has been in practice since 1988. Dr. Benton took over the practice started by Marvin Kokomoor, MD, who practiced in Gainesville for 40 years. Dr. Kokomoor retired in 1990. (Dr. Kokomoor and Dr. Benton’s father grew up together in Gainesville .)

  • We love what we do!

    Which also includes serving our community. Two times a year we close our office and work together helping others in our community, most recently building a wood deck on a house for a child in need. We have been blessed to get this opportunity to help, we would love for our patients to be involved in the community. So many things children can learn from helping the community – Responsibility – Tolerance – Benefit of Sacrifice – That One Person Can Make A Difference –GET INVOLVED

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Healow Android and IPhone App

QR.fwHealow is an app that is linked with our electronic medical records. You can link all of your children to the same app, making it one stop to access all of their information. Some benefits of using the app include seeing when your child’s next appointment is scheduled, sending and receiving messages regarding questions you may have about your child, and viewing lab results. It also keeps track of important medical information on your child including vital signs, allergies, and medications.

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